Central District Youth Camp

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Bible Camp 2019

July 29th - August 3rd, 2019


central district youth camp 2019

God is going to move; are you ready?

Central District Youth Camp 2019 starts in and we're more pumped than ever! We believe that God is going to move in great ways this year, and we can hardly wait to experience it! But we want you to be there to see it with us.

Bible Camp is a time when you'll be able to grow closer with God, have a crazy fun time playing games and hanging out with other kids just like you, staying up late and getting up early, smelling like a barn full of pigs, and learning to worship God through your every breath! We have everything ready, but we're still missing one thing; you! Are you up for the challenge?

Based in Christ

Here at Youth Camp, we believe that everything we do needs to be based on Christ, and so we only teach and promote ideas that are from the Bible, or that glorify God. Our number one priority is to bring campers closer to Christ, and we try to live that goal out every second of camp, and for the months afterwards too.

Two Camps

We have two separate camps running at the same time; this allows campers of all ages to have a beneficial environment in which they are free to grow and learn as much as possible. We have Jr. Camp, for kids ages 10 to 13, and our Sr. Camp, for youth ages 14 to 18.

Family Through Christ

At camp, we do everything as a family. We eat together as a family, we play together as a family, and we pray together as a family. If something happens during camp that hurts your camper, you can be assured that we will do whatever we can to right the wrong, together, as a family.

We Want to Hear From You!

Need more information? Want to be on our summer staff? Worried about allergies? Send us a message and we'll get in contact with you as soon as possible!